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We are famous (well, in Domfront!)

Now that we are up and running, we really needed a proper opening ceremony but the recent pandemic slightly ruined the timing! We also had social distancing to take care of so with that in mind we opened our Chambre D'Hote officially on Wednesday 8th July 2020 which was very kindly attended by our very supportive Mayor Monsieur Boulent. We also had a visit from one of the local papers La Publicateur, a fully booked house & requests for an evening meal (hote de table), Jacob's various activities & various issues with cars. Its how it goes sometimes!

Thankfully we have some great shots of the mayor, a fantastic piece in the paper (digital & printed) & everything else somehow fell into place. Its been a strange few months but the recent events have made it all worthwhile!

We also have a number of people to thank for the immense help we have received in addition to the Mayor. Without Lyn & Paul Barker (, our neighbours Nicolas & Elodie Leroy (Normandie Pompes), Lucy Woodard (triathlon Flers - Le Ferté Macé ), Guillaume Wattez (triathlon Flers - Le Ferté Macé ), Eric Meunier (now retired after meeting us!!), Claude & his wife, & all our fellow business owners we would not be in the great position we are in especially given the slower tourist numbers this summer. To anyone we have left out, please know that we appreciate all the help & support more than you know!😁😁😁

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