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Les Voies Vertes - Exploring on Bikes

Updated: May 18, 2020

As a family, we really love the voies vertes which is a network of routes across France converted from railways to byways. They are used by runners, walkers, birdwatchers & most frequently cyclists. La Bouyardiere is just over a kilometre from the nearest voie verte from which you can get to most large cities including Paris, Royanne, Cherbourg, Mont Saint Michel, Saint Lo & many more! The Baxter family have been exploring the routes since we got here since they are safe, car free in the main & make getting to various places both interesting & straight forward. I have also cycled from Boulogne to Paris and Calais to Lille in the past - all wonderful experiences! Ideally I would suggest a mountain bike, cyclocross or hybrid bike for these lanes but I have used a road bike without any puntures. My wife uses an electric bike which is absolutely brilliant & stops me getting into to trouble for her tired legs! In the picture below you can see one of the old stations along the route which has been beautifully restored - more photogenic than me thats for sure!

We recently explored the route to Mont Saint Michel & the route as ever is well equiped with picnic tables, bins, benches etc for enjoying a picnic or a cheeky bottle of wine!

As a qualified coach, we can advise, lead or help with routes. It all depends what you would like to see & do when you are here! I also run conditioning classes to enhance develop core strength, flexibility, mobilty & even recovery from an injury so do ask us since we may be able to help! For me, getting people to enjoy being active & healthy is a key aim of mine - cycling the flat voies vertes is an ideal way to enjoy cycling with less of the "uphill"!

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