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La Bouyardière & Your Safety

It's been a tough time for pretty much the entire globe with a pandemic that affects all our lives. To that end we have thought long & hard to ensure that we make your stay as safe as possible at La Bouyardière. We have taken advice from the government website, industry experts & now have a plan of action!

We have invested in a new floor sanitizer, litres of alcohol gel, bleach, gloves, masks, sanitary bags & completed a detailed risk assessment form to try to mitigate the risk as far as possible. We have special sanitizing cleaner for clothes & all soft furnishings will be sprayed with a similar solution.

We will also make sure that our delicious breakfast require minimal handling on our part.

All we ask is that visitors wear a mask when required, regularly use the sanitizing gels, wash your hands & keep social distancing rules as far as possible. Your safety is our priority so any questions you have in advance or when you arrive we are happy to answer.🙂

Simon & Amanda

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