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Electric bikes?? OK, I'm convinced!

When we used to holiday at La Bouyardiere we used to walk the local Voie Verte. These are the old railway lines that have been turned into byways that stretch the length of France. Perfect for exploring the countryside!! You can ride all the way to Paris from La Bouyardiere! It’s amazing.

In August last year we bit the bullet and moved over full time. We dreamed of cycling as a family, exploring the area and stopping for long, cheeky lunches.

As I child I loved cycling, but having not ridden a bike for a number of years I wasn’t over joyed at the thought of hills and saddle sores. We took a visit to Intersport and clocked the electric bikes. Wow!!! Maybe cycling could be fun again?!

The salesman took us out to the car park and set the bike up. Once on, I shot off. This is fantastic!!!

On the way home Simon and I discussed the adventures we’d have and picnics. Then came the rain. And it rained and rained... and as it cleared up and the sun came out, so we were hit by Covid-19.

Once out of confinement I rediscovered my bike and we started to go for some family rides. We ventured out a lot! Sometimes all of us on our bikes and sometimes Simon running with the dogs and Jakey and I on our bikes.

The voire verte is a wonderful way to explore Normandy and beyond. Hundreds of miles of clean and safe tracks, perfectly maintained and away from the busy main roads. Of course, you can leave them anytime to do some further exploring of villages/towns and cities along the way.

Our next ambitious is to ride to the coast - leg & battery power permitting.

La Bouyardiere is blessed to be on the doorstep for all these exciting cycling adventures 🚴‍♂️🚴🏽🚴‍♂️🚴🏽🚴‍♀️

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